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Custom Imports Service

Import items & goods from the U.S. to Bermuda . Let us be your personal overseas shopper! We can help you source any item and ship it in!

Our imports service is an easy 2 step process:

Step One: Browse US online retailers, and send your orders to Simply copy and paste the product link for each item into the body of your email. Your email subject should read ‘Order’ or ‘Estimate’. We do not provide quotes because package dimensions are not always provided by the supplier. Our shipping fee is based on the package dimensions, and we will do our best to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Example format for ordering:
Quantity: 1 Color: White Size: Queen

(Remember to state any pertinent information on the item i.e. quantity, size, color etc.)

Step Two: We take care of the rest! Once we have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email, forwarded straight from the retailer. Allow 48hrs for your Hasco Imports invoice to be generated, which we require to be settled before orders ship from the U.S. Payment on this invoice is required in USD (if cash payment is made in BMD, a 1% foreign exchange fee will apply).

Step Three: We ship your order, clear with customs. Once the order has arrived, your second (and final) invoice will be sent to you via email. This invoice will cover payment on shipping & duty fees, $30 administrative fee inclusive. Payment on this invoice is required in BMD (USD will also be accepted).

All payments to be made by cash, check, or online bank transfer. NO CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED.

Contact Us



Phone: (441) 238-2862

Warehouse Store:

Phone: (441) 238-4723

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 9am to 7pm

Friday: 9am to 5pm 

Sunday: 11am to 5pm

Please note:

  • Orders will not ship to Bermuda until the invoice for purchase has been paid.

  • Although we try to check every shipment before it departs the US, Hasco Imports is not responsible for items shipped incorrectly from the supplier, or for damages to the items that are not visibly noticeable on the exterior packaging.

  • Hasco Imports will assist with returning items to the supplier in the U.S. But any cost associated with returning items is the responsibility of the customer.

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